Tour code: LYT 006
No of days: 13nights/12days
Mode of transport: flight and surface


Day 1 - Arrival in Addis Ababa. O/N Hotel

Day 2 - Fly Addis Ababa – Gonder and visit Gonder attractions. O/N Hotel.

Day 3 - Drive Gonder to Sankaber. O/N camping at Sankaber.

Day 4 - Trek Sankaber – Geech. O/N camping at Geech.

Day 5- Trek Geech – Chenek. O/N camping at Chenek.

Day 6- Trek Chenek - Ambiquo via Buahit. O/N camping at Ambiquo.

Day 7 -Trek Ambiquo – Ras Dashen – Ambiquo. O/N camping at Ambiquo.

Day 8 - Trek Ambiquo – Sona. O/N camping at Sona.

Day 9 -Trek Sona – Mekarebia. O/N camping at Mekarebia.

Day 10 - Trek Mekarebia – Mulit. O/N camping at Mulit

Day 11 -Trek Mulit – Adi Arkay and drive to Axum. O/N Hotel.

Day 12- Visit Axum attractions. O/N Hotel.

Day 13 - Fly back to Addis and city tour of Addis. Evening departure.

Tour code:  LYT 6.1
No of days:10nights/9days
Mode of transport: flight and surface

Day 1: Arrival to Addis. O/N HOTEL

Day 2: Fly to Gonder then drive to Sankaber for a short day trekking . O/N CAMPING

Day 3: Trek Sankaber to geech. O/N CAMPING .


Day 4: Trek Geech to chenek. O/N CAMPING

Day 5: Chenek to ambique. O/N CAMPING

Day 6: Ambique to Ras Dashen back Ambique. O/N CAMPING

Day 7:Ambique to Arquzie . O/N CAMPING

Day 8: Arquzie to muliet. O/N CAMPING

Day 9: Muliet Adi arkai drive GOnder O/N HOTEL

Day 10: Fly back to Addis departure

Tour code: LYT 6.2
No of days: 11nights/10days
Mode of transport: flight and surface

Day 1: Arrive at Addis Ababa and transfer to hotel. O/n hotel

Day 2: Fly to Gondar and drive to Sankaber. O/n camping

Day 3: Trek to Geech and view the gelada baboon, and beautiful scenery. O/n camping

Day 4: Trek to Chenek-long day trekking. O/n camping

Day 5: Trek to Buahit and keep trekking to Ambiquo. O/n camping

Day 6: Morning trek to Ras Dashen summit of the mountain and back to Ambiquo. O/n camping

Day 7: Morning trek to Sona. O/n camping

Day 8: After breakfast trek to Mekarebia. O/n camping

Day 9: Make a short trek to Mulit. O/n camping

Day 10- Trek to Adiarkay, then drive to Gondar. O/n Hotel

Day 11: Fly back to Addis departure

Tour code:LYT 007
No of days: 9nights/8days
Mode of transport: surface

Day 1- Arrive to Addis Ababa o/n hotel

Day 2- Drive to Bale n. park headquarters (Disho) o/n camping

Day 3- Start trekking Dinsho-Fencha Abera 18 kms, Weib River, Water Falls

Day 4- Fencha Abera-Wassama 3900 mts, above sea level, 24 kms. o/n camping

Day 5- Wassama-Gebre Guracha, after 26 kms or 9 hours trekking camp at the foot of Mount Batu, (4317 mts). o/n camping

Day 6- Gebre Guracha-Konte, there get the vehicle. o/n camping

Day 7- Drive to Wodogenet resort area (walking in the forest + hot water swimming pool. o/n lodge

Day 8- Visit the Rift Valley lakes of shalla, Abyata and Langano at night Langano. o/n lodge

Day 9- Drive back to Addis Ababa evening departure

Tour code: LYT 7.1
No of days: 7nights/6days
Mode of transport: surface

DAY 1,Arrival to Addis Ababa transfer hotel. O/N hotel

Day 2, Drive to Dodolla then further 11km to changiti tented camp (3750m.a.s.l.) from where one can rewarded by wide view. o/n Changiti tented camp.

Day 3,Trek to Wahoro. On your trail t you will come across Tarura plain and the Lenisho river which has to be crossed several times. After passing Taruro Plain it directs you from high juniper forest to Erica zone. The views here are astounding. After a brief rest at the hut explore the beautiful land escape and the impressive rock formation. O/N Wahoro Eco Hut

Day 4,Trek to Angafu (3460 m.a.s.l.) via Tulu Tute Mountain from where one can reward breath taking scenery. As you go along the forest with exiting music and Columbus monkey jumping from tree to tree. Spend the afternoon climbing up to the 3546m Tulu Angafu to watch various birds. O/N Angafu Eco Hut

Day 5,Trek to Molicho (3080 m.a.s.l.) crossing the Erca covered moor land. After trekking up the wookek mountain slope, the forest gives way to a vast open and swampy plain with undulating pastures and conspicuous vegetation of torch lilies, lobelias and tall herbs resembling funnel. Molicho eco hunt.

Day 6, trek to duro-its long day walking nearly 9hrs. O/N duro eco hut

Day 7, short walk down to Adaba to meet the cars and drive to Addis…even in departure
    Upon request the above tour program can be modified, differently rearranged combine with other itineraries and can be shorten or extended to suit your interest, time and budget. Please contact us for further details.