Ethiopia Facts

Interesting facts and unique about Ethiopia    


  • Ethiopia was the center of ancient civilization in Axum, and was one of the four powerful kingdoms in the world.  
  • Ethiopia is the origin and the cradle of human kind. It is the home to the famous hominid fossil, Lucy/Australopithecus afarensis/which is aged 3.2 million years old.
  • Ethiopia is one of the two countries in Africa that have never been colonized by any other country.
  • Ethiopia host the original ark of the covenant in the historical town of Axum in the monastery of St. Mary of Zion.
  • Ethiopia is considered as the water tower of Africa, many rivers that flow in to other African countries are originated in Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopia is the home born of Coffee. It provides the great gift to the world, Kaffa is the place found in Ethiopia in Oromia region where coffee originated and from which the name coffee is driven.
  • Ethiopia as a multi ethnic state, often known as a mosaic of languages and culture, there are more than 83 ethnic groups in the country with about 200 dialects. It is home to the fascinating tribes.
  • Ethiopia is believed to be the roof of Africa, about 70%   of the mountains in Africa are found in Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopia is one of the few countries in the world with its own Alphabet and numeric system.
  • Ethiopia is home to numerous endemic Animals such as, the Gelada Baboon, Ethiopian Wolf, Walia Ibex, Mountain Nyala and swayne’s hertebeest are just to mention some.
  • The hottest place in the world is the Denakil depression found in Ethiopia.
  • Ethiopia has the highest number of world heritages than any country in Africa.
  • Ethiopia as a diplomatic center, it hosts the headquarter of AU and ECA.
  • Ethiopia is the land of friendly and hospitable people.



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