Ethiopia is Home to a multi-ethnic peoples  for this reason is often known as mosaic of languages and culture. More than 83 languages 200 dialects are wildly spoken throughout the country. The Omo Valley, the most unique place with the  variety of ethnic groups is home to the ancient African tribes that live in the Southern part of Ethiopia.
The Ethnic groups found in the Omo valley have still preserved their own fascinating costumes, colorful traditional ceremonies, crafts, exciting music, art, way of dressing style and dance.
There are different market days that all the ethnic groups gather to exchange different goods. Interested ones can see the colorful experience during the market day.  

The Omo valley is the most impressive area which tourists enjoy travel through several towns and villages and contact with the ethnic groups such as, Tsemay, Bume, Hamer, Daasanech, Karo, Mursi, Erbore and the konso people,all with their unique traditions
Interms of wild life the Omo valley has a variety of wild life. The Omo national park and the Mago national parks are home to the majority of the wild life in the valley.