The national museum:- With a collection of archeological findings wildly excavated from the historical sites in northern regions, the items starting from the pre-Axumite period.  The national Museum is famous for housing the oldest humanoid skeleton, Lucy.
The Ethnological Museum:- in the campus of 6 killo University displays the country’s Art, Cultural items and customs of different Ethiopian Ethnic groups.
Addis Ababa Museum and Zoological Museum are other museums to be visited.
There are also places most worth visiting in Addis Ababa such as the church of St. Mary of Entoto founded by emperor Menellik II on the hills of Entoto in 1882 and a church where Menellik II was crowned. One can visit the palaces of emperor Menellik II and the Museum in the compound of the church. The mountain of Entoto offers a great view and,it is absolutely impressive looking Addis Ababa downwards.
The trinity cathedral:- Around 4  Killo built by emperor H/selassie is unique in Ethiopia for its wonderful architectural style with different stained glass paintings.
St. George cathedral: - Is also a huge cathedral ,always associated with the victory of  Adawa against the Italian invasion. The Replika of Ark of this cathedral was taken to Adwa during the Ethio-Italian war of 1896. The Equestrian statue of emperor Menillik II stands in front of the cathedral which indicates the battle of Adwa.