About us

Luel Yitbarek tours is a privately owned tour company managed by professional and energetic people who have been working in the sector for years and improve an excellent experience with variety of tours. Our multi-lingual guides, in languages like English,French,Germany,Spanish and Italiano are always willing to help their esteemed clients. This potential brings a great opportunity for clients to travel according to their interests and makes our company the best option to experience Ethiopia,

Our comfortable vehicles are including tourist buses, minibuses and 4x4 land cruisers. Thus, our clients can explore all the attractions of Ethiopia in a very convenient situation.

We are pleased to welcome you to the land of the cradle of mankind, Ethiopia, to experience the variety of cultural, historical, natural, wild life and other many attractions.
Our experienced professional guides & experts who have deep knowledge of the local areas take you to the sites. We are also well equipped with professional cooks providing enough material even for your long trips.
 We are committed to provide quality and professional services and put you on the highest level of satisfaction.
    Our trade business license No. MT/AA/1/0027841/2006  
  Our services are
-    Professional Guide service
-    Historic Tour
-    Holiday tours ( vacation tours )
-    Cultural tour ( particularly in the Omo valley )
-    Business tours
-    Educational tours and travel ( studies and research )
-    Excursions     
-    Different cars hire
-    Flight ( air ticket ) reservations
-    Hotel reservations in different sites
-    Different safaris of all types
-    Mountain and desert trekking
-    Bird watching
-    Photo safari
We are also ready to prepare you other service according to your request.



The company is owned by a well talented and experienced Individual Mr. Luel Yitbarek.